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Packers Pro Shop: it is a good day to be a reseller Packers-Bleacher report

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Packers Pro Shop: it is a good day to be a reseller Packers

The Green Bay Packers are at the head of the Super Bowl. This is a fact that has not lost on Packers retailers that saw a huge gain in baia verde Paraphernalia in recent days.

Those fans who are eager to correctly represent the Packers are flocking to purchase t-shirts, hats, and anything else that boasts their love for the Green and gold.

Mike Walters from The Jersey Store forwarded to WBAY, "Then Sunday, basically the Sunday after the game was crazy with people all over the country, trying to get Packers stuff."

The tool isn't just relegated to Green Bay neighborhoods. Kate Hogan Packers Pro Shop said, "we ship in Japan, we ship in Australia, we ship to the United Kingdom, we have sent to Iceland, so all"

One thing is clear. It is a very good day in the land of air conditioners.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Packers merchandise to hot seller-CBS 5-Green Bay

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WI Works: NFC Packer Championship Gear-CBS 5-Green Bay

(WFRV)--in the works of today's Packers NFC Championship WI gear was quickly in the shops and flew out shelves almost as fast.

The Packers Pro Shop started taking orders online right after the game and demand slowed a little processing time.

By noon of yesterday, the pro shop had reorder the caps.

And other souvenirs of the Championship are the way there.

These memories have a special meaning for many enthusiasts of Packers who were too young to remember last appearances of Super Bowl team.

And say goodbye to J.C. Penney catalog. The retailer is getting rid of it, together with its companies taking to increase profits.

Manitowoc store J.C. Penney at the center of Lakeview officially closed last week alone.

But, have opened Calumet Avenue catalog Center earlier this month.

No word if this new announcement will affect that position too.

J.C. Penney did not disclose how many job cuts could be involved with the latest news of closures.

The company's shares will take place during the year.

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Pipe Bursts at Packers Pro Shop-WTAQ

Pipe Burst at Packers Pro Shop 1

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WTAQ)-fans weren't the only gushing inside the Packers Pro shop on Monday.

Team officials say a pipes froze and burst, causing the water to gush in a vestibule. A small amount of merchandise in the basement was affected.

Workers were using squeegees and mops at the entrance area. The Pro Shop has closed as crews cleaned up the mess.

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Busy day for retailers like more Packers Memorabilia arrives-WBAY

By Marcie Kobriger

It was a day off for Packers players and coaches Tuesday. First real practice team to get ready for Pittsburgh Steelers is Friday.

But it was a hectic day for local distributors, trying to keep up with the demand for goods of air conditioners and memorabilia.

The Packers Pro Shop at Lambeau Field has seen a steady stream of heavy customers for two days as fans are eager to commemorate the Super Bowl 45 before it is in the books.

"Just get the relics. It is not every day go to the Super Bowl, then you will get everything that is possible, "said Andy Thyes customer.

"We have our Super Bowl coming, we're expecting some additional items of clothing for women, men and locker room children t-shirts, we had more hats in stock," said Kate Hogan of the pro shop.

NFC Championship gear that hit shelves Monday is already old news. It was an item off the presses that had fans buzzing Tuesday hot: the official program of the Super Bowl 45 was delivered to a number of retailers, that morning.

As soon as the programs hit shelves, they were flying out of them. Those who are buying them said that the publication of 15 $ will help them to feel much more connected to the game come Super Bowl Sunday.

"We ultimately Super Bowl has found the other day, and we want the memory of it," said Kathy Pols customer, "" follow all players and all the events going on.

"The last time I bought a program for the Super Bowl 31 the Packers finished to win, so I'm hoping the same thing will happen with this one," said Anthony Kennedy customer.

The program will be available in stores across the State and also online at later this week, but the Packers Pro Shop and the shop Jersey were among the top retailers, warehouse and sales at the beginning seemed to pay.

"Our initial order was 300 units, we thought it was an OK medium in order, but relies on sales so far, I just placed an order for another 400," said the Jersey Store manager Mike Walters.

Big sales based on great Super Bowl hopes.

"It's just great to look back on it. I figure that they win, so it will be good to look back on it five, ten years down the road, "said Thyes.

"It's a lot of fun. It's kind of like Christmas again, "said Hogan.

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Bass Pro Cancels plans for Green Bay

Due to concerns about the possible damage to wetlands, won t Bass Pro shops to pursue an archive, Wisconsin near the stadium where to play the Green Bay Packers, a spokesman for the company said late today.

Bass Pro spokesman Larry Whiteley, said the company had exploratory conversations with a developer who wanted to bring a Bass Pro as an anchor tenant for the project near Lambeau field.

We without commitments and have not signed a letter of intent, Whiteley said.

We were aware of any problem of wetlands and have not and will not be in favor of doing nothing to harm wetlands, wherever they may be.

Asked directly if Bass Pro has dropped its interest in the project of the Wisconsin, Whitely said that's correct.

A Wisconsin State legislature, which on Wednesday asked the officials to contact Bass Pro and other lawmakers on the issue of wetlands, said he got a call Thursday from Bass Pro President and CEO John Hagale.

I do not believe (Pro Bass) are part of this agreement at this time, said Wisconsin Rep. Brett Hulsey

The project would have filled a 1,6 hectares of wetland 7 acres West of the stadium.

The earth filled was used for parking, but the developer would have restored a further 4 hectares of wetlands in the same area and also remove invasive plant species, according to the Wisconsin Department of natural resources.

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