Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Packers Pro Shop: it is a good day to be a reseller Packers-Bleacher report

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Packers Pro Shop: it is a good day to be a reseller Packers

The Green Bay Packers are at the head of the Super Bowl. This is a fact that has not lost on Packers retailers that saw a huge gain in baia verde Paraphernalia in recent days.

Those fans who are eager to correctly represent the Packers are flocking to purchase t-shirts, hats, and anything else that boasts their love for the Green and gold.

Mike Walters from The Jersey Store forwarded to WBAY, "Then Sunday, basically the Sunday after the game was crazy with people all over the country, trying to get Packers stuff."

The tool isn't just relegated to Green Bay neighborhoods. Kate Hogan Packers Pro Shop said, "we ship in Japan, we ship in Australia, we ship to the United Kingdom, we have sent to Iceland, so all"

One thing is clear. It is a very good day in the land of air conditioners.

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