Monday, January 31, 2011

Wis. Assembly committee passes wetland exemption-Bloomberg

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — A Northeast Wisconsin dealer would be allowed to fill in a marshy area near Lambeau field without a permit under a bill approved Thursday by a Republican-controlled Assembly Committee.

Natural resources Committee Democrats railed against the Bill, calling the measure a printed dealer John Bergstrom and an end run around a legal challenge that environmentalists have filed against the project.

"They want their day in the Court of administrative law. Who are we to say no? " Rep Chris Danou, D-Trempealeau, screamed at colleagues. "It's not what I signed up for. We are here to craft policies that govern the State favors, not special. "

Republicans argued that the Bill would help jump-start the project and create jobs. The Committee ultimately passed the measure on a party-line vote of 9-6, paving the way for a vote before the full Assembly.

"Yes, a few plants can die, especially invasive species," said Rep. Joel Kleefisch, R-Oconomowoc. "We all should be OK with that, because now is the time for creating jobs."

Bergstrom, who runs based on Neenah Bergstrom Automotive, wants to fill on an acre and a half of wetland-between US Highway 41 and the stage of the Green Bay Packers. It is not clear what kind of development would go on the plot, although lawmakers believe Bergstrom is paving the way for a Bass Pro Shop.

It was not immediately return a message left at Headquarters for Bergstrom. In response to an investigation into whether Bass Pro Shop, expected to open a shop on the parcel, spokesman for the company Larry Whiteley said in a statement that the company has not committed to anything, but does not support harm wetlands "wherever they might be."

The Department of natural resources State last year approved a permit for the project. A water specialist based in Green Bay Agency recommended approval, saying that would fill the value, but DNR wetland water Division Director Bruce Baker said other editors Agency has approved the plan.

He ultimately decided to grant permission after Bergstrom agreed to restore and protect the remaining wet surface and provide educational materials about the wetlands of the site. Invasive species could overload the package over the next decade, if nothing is done, he added.

The Association of Wisconsin wetlands, but challenged the permission before an administrative law judge. The group argues that the DNR has not followed its Protocol standard permit approval and the project would harm a high quality wetland. This process is still ongoing.

Enter the Republican Governor Scott Walker. Introduced a law as part of its special legislative session on the work of this month that would exempt development on the parcel by wetlands.

The measure would essentially Bergstrom to go ahead and render challenge questionable of wetlands.

Bergstrom contributed $ 1,000 and $ 1,250 for Walker, Tom Barrett, a Democrat who ran against Walker for Governor last year.

Walker said that the Bill is meant to relieve companies from over-regulation. Erin O'Brien, Director of policy for the Group of wetlands called the measure an outrage. Said that the Group of his right of appeal.

"It is not the task of the legislator to decide," he said. "Perhaps we made a mistake, perhaps we are right, but ... this term is going to rewrite the law to benefit from this particular applicant."

Republicans amended the Bill Thursday that it would apply only to the plot that Bergstrom is concerned, dismiss the criticism that the exemption would apply to wetlands throughout the County of Brown.

Republicans stuck to their mantra of job creation, adding that respect the bargain Bergstrom and the DNR reached to revitalize the remaining wetland.

Danou attempted to refute the argument that creating jobs with a half-joke, suggesting that lawmakers should exempt cars by State speed limits to stimulate sales. He admonished his colleagues that the approval of the Bill would encourage people throughout the State to turn to legislators for relief each time a State Agency is an unpopular decision.

"We'll be here a lot. You can probably count on using all day everyday, "said Danou.

But Rep. Roger Rivard, R-Rice Lake, said seeking a law is part of the repair process.

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Green Bay Packers are also in low season-Dallas Morning News

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin — Jim Schmitt abandons his official role for a moment and speak from the heart.

The Mayor wants everyone to know that the Packers are more of a football team on a roll. They are an essential part of this close knit Community. He raves about the charity's coaches and players and how they will continue to build a playground or help the poor, long after the cameras and media leaves scheduled events. While Schmitt talks about his second-floor Office at City Hall, less than two miles away, Karl Kinyon climbs in a Chair at Electric Art. Few minutes later, the hum of the needle, the 29-year-old from near De Pere shares why he wants a tattoo on his right calf Packers.

"Wear some shorts, so it will stand out," said Kinyon.

The Packers have a rooting interest. They are rooted in the city's identity. This NFL team, with its historic stadium that sits at the heart of a neighborhood, belongs to everyone.

The love and adoration shown now that I'm on the road to Super Bowl XLV is no different than what the team receives throughout the year.

The Mayor is wearing a tie Packers green and embroidered team logo on the left inside flap of his blue blazer.

Kinyon is embroidered on her skin conditioners, along with 60 or so other customers who have made their way to Electric Art day after Packers beat Chicago.

"Everyone knows and loves football here," said Tom Duval, who was in the restaurant business for 25 years, but now helps Electric Art. "We are known for it. We understand football here.

"In many ways, infuses our normal way of life up to here. Is special.

"This is why we say ' til Calends home who is truly America's team."

Signs of importance

The Packers returned to Austin Straubel International Airport Sunday evening after their victory against the bears.

Homeland Security will not be happy to hear this, but the airport Director Tom Miller estimates that more than 2,000 fans were at the airport to welcome the home team.

"We were leaving the tunnel and we hit the double doors, and I heard a guy yelling my name," nose tackle B.J. Raji said. "Then I haven't heard anything about the next five or ten minute walk through the airport.

"It was an incredible feeling. I am just happy that we could bring some joy to the city ".

A few kilometres away — is nothing more than a few miles away here — t-shirts, long sleeves to commemorate the victory of air conditioners are being printed. NFC Champion caps, arriving the next day, are made in Texas, flown to Chicago, then moved to Green Bay.

Nice touch.

The Packers Pro Shop is open Monday at 8 a.m., an hour earlier than normal, expected to accommodate the crush. Before closing the door to store 8.500-square-foot in Lambeau field, near 3000 transactions were completed. Two additional orders should be placed on shirts that go for $ 19.95.

Kate Hogan is Director of the team of retail operations. She normally has 50 employees in rotation in this time of year. This number was increased to 125 to handle the traffic into the store with the avalanche of mail, telephone and Web requests.

The archive has received requests for merchandise from all 50 States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom. Hogan is also expected to fill requests from Japan, Germany, France and Italy, countries who frequently receive consignments from the club.

"We have a list of mail-order robust," Hogan said. "Fans are hungry for Packer things."

There are some signs up around town to congratulate the Packers on their journey fifth Super Bowl in franchise history. But not as many as you might think that for a post where a replica of the Lombardi Trophy carved wood is located in the courtyard of a house in the shadow of Lambeau field.

Literally in the shadow. The House is located at the corner of Oneida and shadow through the stadium.

But the real sign of how this team means arrives in daily conversations. HuHot Mongolian Grill walk in, which gave the 50 percent discount on Monday for all grid elements of males who had long, blond hair as a linebacker Clay Matthews and the first conversation that feels involves air conditioners.

Everyone has a story. If you live in this city of 103,750, have probably bumped into one of the players at the grocery store Copps to True in De Pere or Lombardi. Perhaps it is seated at the table next to one of the coaches on Dousman Street brewery hinterland or saw them with their families in nearby Appleton.

Players and coaches are not far apart in many city icons such as NFL. They are familiar.

Are neighbors.

There's enthusiasm about the journey of the team of North Texas to face Pittsburgh, but is no longer up. For what reason?

It is impossible for many people in this city to care more about what they already do the Packers.

"We have been with them since day one," Schmitt said. "It's not like, ' did you hear?" We track very closely to this team through all 16 games.

"I think we are very pleased, but there's a lot of fanfare. There will be when they won the Super Bowl.

"But now, I think that is part of the journey."

Super Bowl vs. Obama

A lot of fans will make the trip to Texas for Super Bowl XLV.

Delta Air Lines has added a direct flight from here to Dallas/Fort Worth leaving on February 3 and returns Feb. 7. The day after Packers beat the bears, more than 10 flights related Super Bowl had been programmed from the airport.

Local travel agencies report that their phone lines were jams. Packages range from $ 1395 a person more than 6,000 dollars, depending on how long and where your fans want to stay.

Great? President Barack Obama was a few miles down Interstate 43 in Manitowoc Wednesday to speak to a renewable energy company. That what is the Super Bowl?

"You know what," said Schmitt, who, along with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, presented the President with a Jersey autographed by cornerback Charles Woodson. "I met the President three times, and I've never been a Super Bowl.

"I've got to take the Super Bowl".

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NFL finances, as seen through Records air conditioners-New York Times

Packers report is more than a novelty with a view to their play Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl on Feb. 6. Is a result of their being only owned, non-profit publicly in the League, with the 112,158 shareholders about 4.7 million Treasury shares.

Account economic conditioners is a proxy for those do not release the other 31 team owners and is of interest more than usual, because the owners are trying to alter the economy to pay their players in a new employment contract. If you do not agree the League and players Association, N.F.L., owners may block players.

Union officials often talk about team revenue and profit; They want to look at books of each team, but they cannot. The League insists that the Union has the right to control all League team player revenue and costs. But this is not enough for the Union.

In fact, the Packers have a more detailed version of their public statements, but is not available to the Union. George Atallah, Assistant Executive Director, said, "no one offers a thirty-second the information you need to make a business decision."

Financial results for the Packers, he said, adding up to "non-profit make a profit".

In a cartoon on the website of the Union, a lock owner hands a player a slice of Swiss cheese. The owner says: "the financial records called" while you hide a wheel of cheese behind him.

For air conditioners, releasing their financial results is a basic annual ritual.

"This is who we are," said Mark Murphy, President air conditioners. "We have done for years, and there is increasing interest in it when we come to the end of a collective bargaining agreement".

For the League, Packers financial results support its argument that we need to reduce what teams they pay their players. "There is a strong sense that the current agreement went too far out for gamers and it was unilateral," said Murphy.

The Packers earn much less than four years ago. Their operating profit dropped 71% from 34.2 million in the year ended March 31, 2007 (which coincides with the beginning of the current collective bargaining agreement), 3.9 million in the year ended on 31 March. Revenue rose 18 percent in that period to 257.9 million.

The main reason for the profit was sharply reduced player costs (wages and benefits), which has grown in recent years to EUR 160.8 million from $ 110.7 million.

"When your income goes into a recession, should pick up the profits, but they diverge here and that was due to higher costs of player and team," said Marc Ganis, a sports industry consultant.

Murphy said, "our player costs are growing at twice the speed of our revenue is growing."

The Packers are in many ways a healthy company, the most famous in Green Bay, while not as big as local businesses such as American foods group, Georgia-Pacific or Humana. Of course, none of them gets tens of millions of dollars from network TV offerings, as does each team N.F.L ...

Packers reports show that the proportion of money network rosa 95.8 million last year from 84.2 million in 2005. Their cut licensing, merchandising and other domestic revenue jumped to $ 45.8 million from $ 14.5 million.

While local revenue growth has been modest in recent years, air conditioners, sponsorship and advertising revenues pro shop for 43 million (down from 2009 and the peak of 50.2 million in 2008) are approximately equal to all of your income and luxury box tickets.

The Packers are without the sort of debt that some teams accumulate from venues financing or buy their franchise. The Packers partially funded the renovation of Lambeau field that concluded in 2003 with revenues from user fees seat — a form of personal seat licenses — a stock sale and a loan of the League.

"The average team has about 20 million per year of servicing the debt," said Murphy.

Michael Ozanian, Executive Director of Forbes magazine, which teams of values across all major sports, said the Packers were typical of the teams N.F.L. in the layer below the richest, as the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins, the New England Patriots and the Giants. Forbes has ranked the Packers XIV in value (a $ 1 billion), 15: 27 in revenue and operating income in 2009, well below the Cowboys ' 143.3 million.

Murphy has started in the League as a Redskins safety, he worked for the Union, then moved into management as athletic director Colgate and Northwestern before joining Green Bay in 2008. He knew that fans have had little sympathy for both sides of the dispute, he said.

"My point of view is the average fan sees rich, wealthy owners and players rich, rich and says," I don't like both sides; I just want to see the football, "Murphy said."And everyone is trying to publicly represent their best side. None of us want an interruption of work ".

He added, "I have great respect for what the players come through, so we want to make sure that we treat them fairly".

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News at your desk: Super Bowl bound-CBS 5-Green Bay

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Packers fans mean big Business in the Local Area-WTAQ

Packers logo-green background

GREEN BAY, Wisconsin (WTAQ)-it was a busy day at 1265 Lombardi Avenue, as a fan of conditioners assault the gates of the Packers Pro Shop to grab some gear NFC Championship.

"We are doing everything we can to keep up," says the Director of retail operations Kate Hogan. "We had a few product during the night, we expect shipments from this afternoon through Wednesday yet right."

Hogan says they have also opened an hour Monday start, because they knew that it would have been busy.

Hogan says that this is the first time the Packers will go to the Super Bowl as they opened the largest pro shop.

Hogan "it will be interesting to see how it unfolds," she says. "But it's going really well so far."

Meanwhile, the visit of air conditioners for the Super Bowl should create a positive Ripple effect in the financial area for months to come.

A study last year lashed the economic impact of the training camp of packer to approximately 7.4 million.  A trip to the Super Bowl will provide a boost to that.

"People from all over the country have a keen interest in the 2 teams play in the Super Bowl," says Brenda Kraynick with the greater Green Bay Convention and visitor's Bureau.

Kraynick says that you can't put a dollar figure on free advertising. Calls also are media outlets wanting to know what we eat.

"I actually got some requests already for what they eat here at Green Bay during our parties tailgaiting," says Kraynick.

Kraynick says local hotels must be booked during the weekend of the Super Bowl from out of town Packers fans who want to be near the action.

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Lambeau Field Atrium closed Super Bowl Sunday-Fox 11online. com

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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Packers unveil new towels Titletown-WBAY

The Green Bay Packers presented the draft for a new commemorative Titletown towel.

The sponge, carried out by a company of Baraboo, features the team's logo, date, Location and Super Bowl slogan "titletown".

The sponge Titletown original debuted in the fall of 1996 and followed the Packers to their Super Bowl Championship.

The sponge will be available at the Packers Pro Shop, Shopko and other retailers.

The company, McArthur towel & sports, will the Super Bowl Trophy towel, a four-foot by two foot towel gave the winning team.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boost for Packers fans from all over the world economy of Titletown-WBAY

By Sara Kronenberg

Green Bay Packers fans span the globe, and it's not just fans in Green Bay want to show their spirit. That is turning into big sales for local retailers with an online presence.

Ever since the Packers ensured their place in the NFC Championship game, fans have tried to get their hands around the Green and gold.

"So basically Sunday Sunday, after the game was crazy with people all over the country, trying to get Packers stuff," said Mike Walters at the shop of Jersey.

Packers fans and not just in Wisconsin. Retailers like the Jersey Store and the Pro Shop, Packers say sales online were crazy from the great victory of the team. ShopKo says that the number one search request on its website this week is the word "Packers."

Around the world, you're sending tools of all types.

"We ship in Japan, we ship in Australia, we ship to the United Kingdom, we have sent to Iceland, so everything," said Kate Hogan Packers Pro Shop.

"In recent days that it was probably at least a third what we did in the store," said Walters.

NFC Championship shirts were the big seller, but another factor people have access to purchase is team kits.

"People are really looking for shirts," Hogan said.

"Clay Matthews fly mesh. We just had 144 more than today, fortunately. We've got people waiting as well, "said Walters.

They say that the sales numbers were almost at a level of vacation in the last week. And if the Packers win Sunday, only going to get bigger.

"I would assume within five minutes after the end of the game that we have hundreds of orders for the stuff of champions," said Walters.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Permit for development near Highway 41/Lombardi intersection of Avenue-Green Bay Press Gazette

Car dealer and the Green Bay Packers Executive Committee member John Bergstrom has received authorization from the State to fill 1,65 ha of wetlands at the intersection of Avenue Lombardi and 41 of the United States for what could be part of a development which includes the state's first Bass Pro Shop.

Bergstrom, who owns a car dealer, based in Neenah has negotiated with the Wisconsin Department of natural resources from early summer 2010 on a deal for 21 acres West of Lambeau field, Bruce Baker, the DNR's acting administrator of the Division of water, said today.

The DNR issued a permit for development in July, but it was challenged the Association of Wisconsin wetlands, advocacy group and reached an agreement on Earth hasn t.

Gov Scott Walker has proposed legislation that would allow the development to go ahead from Bergstrom exemption from a contested case process would go before an administrative law judge.

Walker's proposal must be approved by the State legislature.

Baker said that the DNR's understanding that Bergstrom has an option to purchase land which is owned by the developer at Robert Toonen Green Bay. He added that no one has confirmed that Bass Pro Shop would build on the site, but that was sort of working assumption.

Discussion between Bergstrom and the DNR success as the Packers organization has spent $ 27 million in recent years for the purchase of land west of Lambeau field for what is expected to become a sports and entertainment district.

It would make sense to me that this would be a big part of the puzzle, Baker said.

Calls to Bergstrom, air conditioners and representatives in Ashwaubenon village were not immediately returned Thursday afternoon.

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Fans can win bonus games Ultimate Packers

The Packers Pro Shop has partnered with camera corner/Connecting Point of Green Bay, Fan creations, and Imperial to offer fans the chance to win the giveaway game room: Packers Ultimate.

Starting today and running through the Friday, January 14, fans can register for a chance to win the perfect necklace dining room which includes 40 "High Definition TV, a coffee table, end table Packers and wall hanging from your Fan creations, giving each final space fans at the roots of his team.

In addition, a second prize will receive a coffee table and end the Packers theme by Imperial table while a third place winner will receive a $ 50 gift card Packers Pro Shop.

Contestants can enter for a chance to win online or in person at the Packers Pro Shop or camera corner/connecting point in Green Bay. All participants are able to enter every day during the contest period.

Contest entries will be accepted until Friday, January 14, and the Packers will select the winner in a random drawing from Wednesday 19 January.

Registration for the contest and full details are available online at

Potential winners must comply with the official contest rules. The Packers will select the winner in a random drawing Wednesday, January 19, from all eligible entries received during the promotion period. Potential winners will be notified by phone or email.

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Packers Pro Shop: Packers retailers seeing gold and green-Bleacher report

108265674_crop_340x234Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Packers Pro Shop: Packers retailers seeing the Green and gold.

Because the Green Bay Packers made their way into NFC Championship game (not to mention winning), Packers jerseys and memorabilia retailers are seeing an influx of buyers eager to get their hands on Packers merchandise.

And the application does not exist only in Wisconsin.

Kate Hogan of the Packers Pro Shop said that they are shipping everywhere from Australia to Japan in the United Kingdom to even Iceland.

NFC Championship shirts were the big seller, but the meshes were purchased in bulk.

Clay Matthews, said Mike Walters Jersey jersey store has been a hot item.


"Clay Matthews fly mesh. We just had 144 more than today, fortunately. We've got people waiting as well, "said Walters.

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Vikings push to develop the plot near Lambeau Field-Green Bay Press Gazette

The Green Bay Packers are behind efforts to attract a major selling point for outdoor sports at the intersection of viale Lombardi and 41 of the United States.

Bass Pro shops has been mentioned as a possible tenant in a newly developed located west of Lambeau field.

Packers officials discussed the possibility of bringing a great anchor for the privileged position, Jason Wied, Packers, vice President of administration and general counsel, said the Green Bay Press-Gazette Thursday.

"We said that we support the creation of jobs and economic development in this corridor," said Wied. "As we watched this corridor to Ashland Avenue, we asked what would be some development that would accomplish these goals."

Wied, however, does not confirm that Bass Pro shops is the probable tenant.

Car dealership owner and Executive Board Member John Bergstrom Packers has worked with the Department of natural resources State for months on a planned 21 acres near field home Packers.

The Packers Bergstrom asked to lead the effort because "he has some experience with development efforts," said Wied.

A senior official DNR that originally approved the enhancement of wetlands that would have allowed the development moves forward said Thursday there was no doubt that Bass Pro shops would go in that position.

"That was sort of working hypothesis," said Bruce Baker, acting administrator of the DNR Division of water. "Is not just a point, but a great outdoor sports."

Bass Pro Shops spokesman Larry Whiteley would neither confirm nor deny that land, located in Ashwaubenon, would become the site of our first Bass Pro Shop in Wisconsin. The dealer specialized in hunting, fishing, camping and clothing.

"I don't have information," said Whiteley from low headquarters in Springfield, Mo "Get these calls from all over the country every week."

Bass Pro shops has 56 outlets nationwide and has attracted more than 110 million customers in 2010, he said.

Paul Kent, Madison Attorney of Bergstrom said he couldn't comment on the identity of the seller.

"But I think (bass) are the type of plant that would provide the anchor tenant for reconstruction in that region, and there were some discussions about it," said Kent.

The Packers have spent more than $ 27 million in recent years in the acquisition of property near Lambeau field as part of a vision to create an area of sport and entertainment district of Titletown call sports that will lead to more revenue in the highly competitive business pro football.

The DNR approved a year that will require Bergstrom fill 1,65 ha of wetlands and improve the rest of 9 acres of wetlands on site.

The advocacy group Wisconsin wetlands Association has opposed filling wetlands, and has not reached an agreement with Bergstrom. The case is expected to go to a Court of administrative law, but gov. Scott Walker has proposed legislation that would exempt Bergstrom from that route and issue the permit.

"We would like to see more economic development in that area," Walker said Thursday in De Pere. "This is a process by which the DNR had already approved this process and was hung outside of the Department and this encoding clearly what was willing to bring forward the Department.

"For us, that is a Northeast corridor here in Wisconsin that is ripe for development, and we want to make sure that there is no obstacle to that".

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Packers supporters get their game with food, clothing-Green Bay Press Gazette

Season ticket holder of the Green Bay Packers Rob Munger drove from Berlin to New York this week to deliver personally a note of thanks to Ted Thompson General Manager at Lambeau Field.

"I think people have been too hard on him, and I wanted to let him know what a great job I think they're doing," said Munger, who didn't get to meet in person, but Thompson found plenty to do in the stadium, including the browsing through the Packers Pro Shop with his wife, Sheri.

Like many other air conditioners, fans, Munger is counting the hours of wildcard playoff game on Sunday, when the Packers play the Eagles in Philadelphia. And even if he and his family will not be at the game, Munger said that he will do everything we can to help his team win.

game-day rituals of the family which will be conducted accurately Sunday include aligning mini helmet a Packers with the underdog's on top of the TV. "Packers Helmet is always on the left," said Munger.

The family is always the same chip dip for game Munch and Sheri Munger said that the family uses only a bag of fresh fries of laymen. "Open from left, as the Packers helmet," added her husband.

The family, which includes children Alex and Andrew, also maintains a special football in the room while the Packers are on the ground.

Sheri Munger estimate the husband has a mesh nearly enough air conditioners for every day of the week, and Rob Munger admitted that he'll change often mesh mid-game, depending on how the team to play.

"I love my (linebacker Clay) jersey Matthews, but if I think (quarterback Aaron) Rodgers needs something, I'll change or (cornerback) Charles Woodson," he said.

Rob Munger figures Sunday could be a four-game jersey.

"I'll probably start with Matthews and then switch to Woodson," he predicted. "If we have a comfortable lead, it will probably take offense and put on the shirt Rodgers. And I'd love to wear drivers Donald (receiver) too. He is a class act. "

He thinks that Sunday is just the beginning for air conditioners in postseason action.

"I had a good feeling," said Rob Munger. "Really feel it."

Other fans have also special plans for the big game.

Eric and Jennifer Golueke De Pere plan to do what thousands of other fans of the Green Bay Packers will probably whip up some Sunday: dip, pop a pizza in the oven, put on some tools of green and gold and prepare cheer.

The pair will head home for a family of Jennifer Golueke to meet up with friends and family in a meeting that was scheduled to start a few hours before the game.

"We are really excited and really ready to cheer the Pack for a victory," said Eric Golueke.

Fans won't be cheering for the team only in cold Wisconsin.

Steven Gulke, a native of Milwaukee, watching that Sunday's game in Las Vegas.

"This place, owned by a former resident of Wisconsin (Southeast), it is not right," Gulke told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "Wisconsin-style food, beverages and more green and gold than a bar of Green Bay.

"Great attitude, friendly staff and patrons and you are surrounded by many fans of Packer. Not a bad place to be. "

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Daley betting 15-pound sandwich, other delicacies on bears-Packers game-Chicago Tribune (blog)

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January 21, 2011Daley bets 15-pound sandwich, other delicacies on Bears-Packers gameShare|

Posted by John Byrne at 3 p.m.

"Epic. All-time. Special. Historic. Can't-miss. Once-in-a-lifetime."

Chicago Bears Marketing Director Chris Hibbs was talking about the NFC Championship match-up against the Packers, but he could have been paying homage to the sandwich Manny's restaurant has put up as part of Mayor Richard Daley's wager with his counterpart in Green Bay.

The 15-pounder – that's five pounds of rye bread and 10 pounds of corned beef – held a place of honor among barbeque turkey legs, stuffed pretzels, pierogi, chicken (grilled and fried) and other entries laid out at City Hall today in honor of Chicago's gastronomic chest thumping with its historic rival to the north.

The mayor wouldn't weigh in on the Bears' chances. He applauded the team for exceeding expectations this season, but declined to predict the outcome of the Sunday afternoon game at Soldier Field. "No. I think this is going to be a great game," Daley said.

He also tipped his hat to Packers fans. "They love their football and they know their football," he said.

Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt has offered bear steaks, beer and wine, and a three-pound chocolate football, plus "a gift certificate or autographed football from the Packer Pro Shop," according to a news release.

If the Packers win, Schmitt will send a pound of cheese to Daley for each point in the margin of victory.

Daley will donate anything edible to the Greater Chicago Food Depository.Posted at 02:59:13 PMin Mayor of Chicago

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What's the estimated property tax bill in your town?

The Cook County Assessor's office has put together lists of projected median property tax bills for all suburban towns and city neighborhoods. We've posted them for you to get a look at who's paying more and who's paying less.

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About CloutClout has a special meaning in Chicago, where it can be a noun, a verb or an adjective. This exercise of political influence in a uniquely Chicago style was chronicled in the Tribune cartoon "Clout Street" in the early 1980s. Clout Street, the blog, offers an inside look at the politics practiced from Chicago's City Hall to the Statehouse in Springfield, through the eyes of the Tribune's political and government reporters.
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Vikings Alumni winters, Koch to Lambeau field this

Green Bay Packers Frank winters alumni and Greg Koch will be in Green Bay this weekend participating in various activities that bring fans to the game bears-Packers.

winters, a Pro bowler and Super Bowl champion, Packers offensive line anchored for 11 seasons (1992-2002). He was a firm in which he played 156 games, starting from 141 throughout his career. He stuck to some of the more offensive production units in the history of the team, including the 1996 championship team that accumulated 456 points, the second highest total in the history of air conditioners. He is introduced in the Packers Hall of Fame in 2008.

Koch, a strong contender in the trenches, assured the right tackle position in Green Bay for nine seasons, (1977-85). He played in 133 games, starting from 120 to the Green and gold. In 1983 he was a part of the Packers 48-47 win over the Redskins, who is the game Monday night football highest score in history. This past July was introduced in the Packers Hall of Fame.

Saturday, 1 January, both winters and Koch will visit with fans and signing autographs in Packers Pro Shop from 12: 30 to 14: 00

On Sunday, 2 January, before the game from 1: 45 to 14: 45 winters, will be visiting with fans and signing autographs in Tundra tailgate zone. More information on the Tundra tailgate zone can be found online at

Also Sunday Koch, will be visiting with fans and sign autographs from 1: 45 to 2: 45 p.m. in Club Legends associated Bank Club level, an area of games accessible to participants with seat tickets or club suite, as a host of "meet and Greet Alumni."

All former Packers players on the field will be introduced during the festivities Lambeau pre-game.

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