Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boost for Packers fans from all over the world economy of Titletown-WBAY

By Sara Kronenberg

Green Bay Packers fans span the globe, and it's not just fans in Green Bay want to show their spirit. That is turning into big sales for local retailers with an online presence.

Ever since the Packers ensured their place in the NFC Championship game, fans have tried to get their hands around the Green and gold.

"So basically Sunday Sunday, after the game was crazy with people all over the country, trying to get Packers stuff," said Mike Walters at the shop of Jersey.

Packers fans and not just in Wisconsin. Retailers like the Jersey Store and the Pro Shop, Packers say sales online were crazy from the great victory of the team. ShopKo says that the number one search request on its website this week is the word "Packers."

Around the world, you're sending tools of all types.

"We ship in Japan, we ship in Australia, we ship to the United Kingdom, we have sent to Iceland, so everything," said Kate Hogan Packers Pro Shop.

"In recent days that it was probably at least a third what we did in the store," said Walters.

NFC Championship shirts were the big seller, but another factor people have access to purchase is team kits.

"People are really looking for shirts," Hogan said.

"Clay Matthews fly mesh. We just had 144 more than today, fortunately. We've got people waiting as well, "said Walters.

They say that the sales numbers were almost at a level of vacation in the last week. And if the Packers win Sunday, only going to get bigger.

"I would assume within five minutes after the end of the game that we have hundreds of orders for the stuff of champions," said Walters.

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