Monday, January 24, 2011

Packers supporters get their game with food, clothing-Green Bay Press Gazette

Season ticket holder of the Green Bay Packers Rob Munger drove from Berlin to New York this week to deliver personally a note of thanks to Ted Thompson General Manager at Lambeau Field.

"I think people have been too hard on him, and I wanted to let him know what a great job I think they're doing," said Munger, who didn't get to meet in person, but Thompson found plenty to do in the stadium, including the browsing through the Packers Pro Shop with his wife, Sheri.

Like many other air conditioners, fans, Munger is counting the hours of wildcard playoff game on Sunday, when the Packers play the Eagles in Philadelphia. And even if he and his family will not be at the game, Munger said that he will do everything we can to help his team win.

game-day rituals of the family which will be conducted accurately Sunday include aligning mini helmet a Packers with the underdog's on top of the TV. "Packers Helmet is always on the left," said Munger.

The family is always the same chip dip for game Munch and Sheri Munger said that the family uses only a bag of fresh fries of laymen. "Open from left, as the Packers helmet," added her husband.

The family, which includes children Alex and Andrew, also maintains a special football in the room while the Packers are on the ground.

Sheri Munger estimate the husband has a mesh nearly enough air conditioners for every day of the week, and Rob Munger admitted that he'll change often mesh mid-game, depending on how the team to play.

"I love my (linebacker Clay) jersey Matthews, but if I think (quarterback Aaron) Rodgers needs something, I'll change or (cornerback) Charles Woodson," he said.

Rob Munger figures Sunday could be a four-game jersey.

"I'll probably start with Matthews and then switch to Woodson," he predicted. "If we have a comfortable lead, it will probably take offense and put on the shirt Rodgers. And I'd love to wear drivers Donald (receiver) too. He is a class act. "

He thinks that Sunday is just the beginning for air conditioners in postseason action.

"I had a good feeling," said Rob Munger. "Really feel it."

Other fans have also special plans for the big game.

Eric and Jennifer Golueke De Pere plan to do what thousands of other fans of the Green Bay Packers will probably whip up some Sunday: dip, pop a pizza in the oven, put on some tools of green and gold and prepare cheer.

The pair will head home for a family of Jennifer Golueke to meet up with friends and family in a meeting that was scheduled to start a few hours before the game.

"We are really excited and really ready to cheer the Pack for a victory," said Eric Golueke.

Fans won't be cheering for the team only in cold Wisconsin.

Steven Gulke, a native of Milwaukee, watching that Sunday's game in Las Vegas.

"This place, owned by a former resident of Wisconsin (Southeast), it is not right," Gulke told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. "Wisconsin-style food, beverages and more green and gold than a bar of Green Bay.

"Great attitude, friendly staff and patrons and you are surrounded by many fans of Packer. Not a bad place to be. "

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