Monday, January 24, 2011

Vikings push to develop the plot near Lambeau Field-Green Bay Press Gazette

The Green Bay Packers are behind efforts to attract a major selling point for outdoor sports at the intersection of viale Lombardi and 41 of the United States.

Bass Pro shops has been mentioned as a possible tenant in a newly developed located west of Lambeau field.

Packers officials discussed the possibility of bringing a great anchor for the privileged position, Jason Wied, Packers, vice President of administration and general counsel, said the Green Bay Press-Gazette Thursday.

"We said that we support the creation of jobs and economic development in this corridor," said Wied. "As we watched this corridor to Ashland Avenue, we asked what would be some development that would accomplish these goals."

Wied, however, does not confirm that Bass Pro shops is the probable tenant.

Car dealership owner and Executive Board Member John Bergstrom Packers has worked with the Department of natural resources State for months on a planned 21 acres near field home Packers.

The Packers Bergstrom asked to lead the effort because "he has some experience with development efforts," said Wied.

A senior official DNR that originally approved the enhancement of wetlands that would have allowed the development moves forward said Thursday there was no doubt that Bass Pro shops would go in that position.

"That was sort of working hypothesis," said Bruce Baker, acting administrator of the DNR Division of water. "Is not just a point, but a great outdoor sports."

Bass Pro Shops spokesman Larry Whiteley would neither confirm nor deny that land, located in Ashwaubenon, would become the site of our first Bass Pro Shop in Wisconsin. The dealer specialized in hunting, fishing, camping and clothing.

"I don't have information," said Whiteley from low headquarters in Springfield, Mo "Get these calls from all over the country every week."

Bass Pro shops has 56 outlets nationwide and has attracted more than 110 million customers in 2010, he said.

Paul Kent, Madison Attorney of Bergstrom said he couldn't comment on the identity of the seller.

"But I think (bass) are the type of plant that would provide the anchor tenant for reconstruction in that region, and there were some discussions about it," said Kent.

The Packers have spent more than $ 27 million in recent years in the acquisition of property near Lambeau field as part of a vision to create an area of sport and entertainment district of Titletown call sports that will lead to more revenue in the highly competitive business pro football.

The DNR approved a year that will require Bergstrom fill 1,65 ha of wetlands and improve the rest of 9 acres of wetlands on site.

The advocacy group Wisconsin wetlands Association has opposed filling wetlands, and has not reached an agreement with Bergstrom. The case is expected to go to a Court of administrative law, but gov. Scott Walker has proposed legislation that would exempt Bergstrom from that route and issue the permit.

"We would like to see more economic development in that area," Walker said Thursday in De Pere. "This is a process by which the DNR had already approved this process and was hung outside of the Department and this encoding clearly what was willing to bring forward the Department.

"For us, that is a Northeast corridor here in Wisconsin that is ripe for development, and we want to make sure that there is no obstacle to that".

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